NATASHA TONIC Jewelry for Saving Coral Reefs of Costa Rica

This jewelry collection is crafted with the preservation of corals in mind. Corals worldwide are under threat due to climate change and increasing water temperatures. Costa Rica Coral Restoration is one of many nonprofit organizations globally dedicated to conserving the unique and fragile genetics of Costa Rica’s coral reefs. They cultivate endangered corals in laboratories, nurturing them in tanks before reintroducing them into the ocean once they are saved and ready to thrive.

Designed in collaboration with T. Kunz Jewelry, each piece is meticulously crafted to order. Tiff personally sculpts coral embellishments, aiming to capture the rough yet delicate essence of real corals.

Some corals can live for around 5000 years, outlasting many other oceanic creatures. However, today corals face significant threats from rising water temperatures and coral bleaching. A healthy, vibrant coral can rapidly deteriorate into a white, lifeless skeleton.

We pledge to donate 10% of all sales from this jewelry collection to support the ongoing efforts of the Costa Rica Coral Restoration Center, ensuring its continued operation and the preservation and cultivation of future coral reefs in Costa Rica.

By wearing these pieces of art, you not only adorn yourself but also contribute to the rescue of corals and the sustenance of a thriving ecosystem for fish and other marine life that depend on healthy coral reefs.